One Thousand 20th Century Chairs

作曲Hirohisa Horie
Moving house
Moving out of the biggest disaster
Time to move on now
Move up to chinatown

China town
On the 29th floor of a building
Looking up cos I'm
Trying not to look straight down

The 13th arrondissement
Sitting by the window
Thinking how I love this town

I confess that I stole your book of a thousand chairs

Tore it up, watched the pages fluttering through the air

How satisfying it feels
To tear a thousand chairs!
One thousand 20th century chairs

I'm playing Beck
Cos the architect I used to live with
Never let me dance
When I put on Odelay

I'm alone, I'm insane but I'm happy
You collected me
But I got away

How satisfying to tear
And scatter through the air
One thousand 20th century chairs!

My favourite chairs
Are the ones in 'Zabriskie point'
Exploding in slow motion
Shootin up to the sky
Coming down to earth
Coming down to earth
Coming down to earth
Coming down


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