Out of sight,in my mind

作詞磯部正文, 工藤哲也, 平本レオナ
作曲磯部正文, 工藤哲也, 平本レオナ
You did pretty much everything you had wished to
And you'd surely go on like that
If not It wouldn't be like you

You think you're always causing trouble to others
but I don't think so
Because you give me spirit always

Out of sight,out of mind
I wonder if it is true
Out of sight,in my mind
That's now you exist in me

Some people make trouble,and some people take up trouble
I helped you out,and each time I noticed something new
You'll see someday that you have a charm

Because you're no there,Because I have lost you,
Maybe that's why you're so precious


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