作曲PABLO a.k.a. WTF!?
Find! Out! By yourself!

Vicious minds, Wicked minds,
Circulating worldwide
Riot's going everyday
Evil's here to stay

Mesmerized, Hypnotized,
Nobody knows that we're betrayed
Why are we giving in to the hate
Fighting against the fate

There'll be so many ways
To give yourself into the lasting flame
Or let yourself survive till the end

Don't believe the propaganda

You know we are the ones to save ourselves from evils inside
Yes, we can be as one, come on, come on, come on to grab me
叫べ Crying Out とてつもねぇ Power 蹴飛ばして
一人で行くなよ come on, come on, come on, follow me

Don't believe the propaganda

Shout loud! Don't go missing
Run fast! どうしたってんだ
Time's up! Life is too short
There's no time for fighting, My friends
Let me come running to you!


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