What, Me Worry?~It's Gonna Work Out

アーティストWOW WOW HIPPIES(木暮晋也+高桑圭+白根賢一+LEO今井)
作詞Yukihiro Takahashi, Peter Barakan
作曲Yukihiro Takahashi
I don't want anything to do with anything
That isn't going to make the world a better place
To live in, you know what I mean
There just isn't enough time for that
(There's not enough time)

I've got to tell you about the power
Doesn't matter what you want to call it
It's colossal, it's supernatural
Don't believe me, you just got to feel it
(You've got to feel it)

Here it comes again that sound
Echoing up out of the ground
Is it only me that can feel it
So strong I can almost see it

I had a dream
You gave me a sign
And put me on a new track

You may be thinking that everything is grey
Sometimes nothing seems to go right
I don't know, I could be wrong but
It seems to me it's all gonna work out
(It's gonna work out)

There are things beyond our control
Ain't no point in worrying about them
Forget all that, take a look around
Can't you find a little joy in something
(Look all around you)

I know you're thinking I've said all this before
All the same, someone's got to say it
If I keep on keeping on long enough
Maybe I'll start getting a reaction
(Over and over)

People say fate is what you make it
But people say anything that suits them
Whatever it was took me by surprise
By bringing you crashing into my life


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