Just in time

It's just in time.
The day, you told me sad story.
And later on I realized it was my reality or empty truth.
Finally, I found out your love to me.
You mustn't worry about me.
But if you allow me to ride on the bus, may I thank you?
So I already checked timetable.

It's just in time.
In the old days, I took the wrong bus.
I never mistake any more.
I wanna see you. I wanna talk to you.
The window discloses a beautiful landscape.

I don't love you any more. I don't need you any more.
But I surely needed you the old days.
And now I found out your love.
You don't love me any more. You don't need me any more.
I conceived funny ending of your story.
May I talk it to you?

It's just in time.


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