The End of the World

作詞nekozawa emi
作曲Zentaro Watanabe
There is no ocean left where you and I had swam some time ago.
There is no open sky where you and I had gazed and talked so free.
And the dusk, colors everything in burning red.
It is like, a tomato that's been I left for days.
It's so sick.
Never liked that juicy taste, anyway.

I can no longer find the clothes that looked so good like years before.
I can no longer see that film that I once thought was oh so good.
You always, seem to laugh like you're in misery.
Like someone, who needs machines for oxygeon.
Like a flower, that has bloomed so long ago.
You were once, someone so full of life.

The wind is blowing us apart,
And tearing everything to bits.
To plunge us is a world,
With no smell nor taste.
I wonder where we could go to?
To buy a cone of ice cream.
Nothing is,
Like it has been once,
When we were young.

We two no longer have a family or a dog to call our own.
I'd like to make a little baby with you, someone we could raise.
But I have, a worry prying on my mind.
Seems that I, have forgotten how we made love.
Time has passed, and it's now so long ago.
Been too long.
So please teach me how.

Show me how to kiss again.
Show me how to love again.

Please teach me how to do it again.
Let the two of us,
Bring in another living being.
Create it out of nothing.
You and I can make a new world.
The love we could share.


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