Wake up! on the edge of the night
You ain't the shadow that follows someone
Closer, hey! come on closer
I'm tellin' you what you're tryin' to do
Are you readv?-Here I am
Are you ready?-I will give you all

Action brings good fortune
And you know you're never gonna change
The time is ready and just my body is armed
Yes, I know cause it's the way to survive

Are you ready?-Here I am
Afe you ready?-Don't you turn away
Are you ready?-Make your move
Are you ready?-Burnin' up tonite

Woh The beast is steady
Woh In every while we got
Woh You can feel it proud

Breakin' out!

Ah We've gotta keep it steady
Ah In every moment we live
Ah Hot, fast and deep

Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Are you ready?


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