The past is mere a part of the past
Now all have taken all away
Can not be true
Words for a thief
My youth is the past
No its never the same
Never the same
Never the same
Hopeless dreams

Go all out

Just not a part of the past
My feet on the ground to hold what I have
Hymn for my love
I sing to the deaf
Can not be shown through this cheap perfume

I've never felt this feeling
It's hard for me this way
So I put my tongue against your common senses
I don't think i can make it through
Don't you ever step aside
All I've got is disappearing
Cuz I know nothing is clear

I'm Calling out for the other part down and over again
Keep me up all night
Running out of the reasons for all the holes in the side
The sun is still coming up
Feeling alive

Hopeless dreams


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