I will give to you "a piece of stardust"
And then that star will stop from shining
Shine together and the stars will be so bright
You and I can do nothing all by ourselves
Even the strong and the wise
Everyone has fear in his heart
You know it's true
There is no difference between us

Listen what I say
Good people, bad people, sinners and grown ups
Everyone cries at the sunset
Brown eyes and blue eyes, dark skin and light skin
Feel beauty, look at the same sky

The cloud which flows calmly
A bird which sings sweetly
The wind which blows softly
The happiness that I'm here
Throw our pride and desire
Let's join our hands
And as we turn burning sunset colors us red

Good people, bad people, dark skin and light skin
Everyone cries at the burning sunset
Small courage and small hope
Small stardust gathers and will change the world
We can do anything

But I don't expect big things
Please ask only one, only one wish
I hope you have a good dream


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