Fairy Tale

I glean the fragment as the time go along
How long would time pass from that time?
I pick up memory with feeling days
It's still left in my heart
and became my precious time
But I long for that time more
The row dyed monochrome finds color and fate just now
And the earth which died is filled with tears
I just sing a tune which
I listened with you at that time at this place
And I scream with love
よすがの空に舞い散るFairy Tale
君がくれたPrecious For you I will
Until the end I keep screaming
Can you hear my voice now?
I hope that reach the sky eternally
If you will hurt your mind
I will discharge an arrow in the sky
and wrap around your shivering shoulder with my warmth
I just discharge your light
and I will tell you at this place with eternity
Please dry eyes even if will overflow with painful
Hold hands in the ray I'm in your side


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