Funky Tea Race

アーティストDarjeeling, 中村まり
Up and down
The vessels know where they're bound,
Bouncing up and down across the sea.

Hold on tight
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
'Cause it's a journey, turns like roulette.

Who's gonna be the first one to bring the news to town?
Don't you spill the tea・・・.

Up and down
Don't you ever turn around
Raise the sails and be as fast as you can be.

If you arrive only minutes later on the same tide
All will be ruined・・・.

Look at the sky
Almost awake in pale blue shades
The one who knows the way will win this race.

But in the end, it never mattered to me
Who came or went・・・.
(Or how much money we spent)

Up and down
My cargo went upside down,
Dancing like leaves they went down the sea.

Ended at the lost and found
So it wasn't about how fast you get.
It wasn't about how far you get.
It wasn't even about who won a bet!


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