Frozen Time

作詞Tomohiro Ohga
Do you know how I feel when I was waiting for you?
Lots of things happened while you were hiding in your world
Did you peek?

The normal early afternoon
Suddenly, rang my iPhone
You've not changed anything since a long time ago
Frozen time is melting
Frozen time started move on

Longing voice reach my ears
Candied pronunciation
This time isn't changed anything since a long time ago
Maybe it's me who changed
Maybe it's just only me who changed

No matter how much you regret the past, the wind direction never changes
I sing for you "Still awake" if your time is frozen next time again

The time of our life is still not over
The place we should move towards is our future

Don't go away anymore
Don't feel alone anymore
Will never make the same mistake again


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