Ahead Of The Light - Day 2 mix

No mercy
Crushing depression
Chasing your shadow
Sight in ruins

Like lost soldiers
I keep on running
Sweat of iron
Your scent lingers

In my head
Ringing of an evil calling
From self-darkness
Temptation to the madness
He'll pull, grab on my back to lead me to surrender
On a one -way road closer
Never turn back

Get ahead of the light
Pass the supersonic, everything's gone behind me
Go beyond the limit, space and time round and round
Ain't no stoppin' till I catch you over the light

Hope is faded
Foxes are ruling
Fallen blossoms
The clouds burnin'

Don't you fall back tonight
No one can touch us, even shooting stars are lagging
We can step in time everlasting dance on and on
Now we bask in the light

Stay here beyond the light


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