New Wave Surf Rider

we've rives stay far me
when i ver ruffle this take it loud
it's role is over all
live in stickin net for me a never revolve
to do decend knife found on you

have a sinking now for mine and live in stiff or
you see ven note to so you lonelyness
every weekend nest end to do live and riot
stolen reborn lock on the u-f-e for

ride a new wave 飛び込め
you ride a new wave to be coming

we were not
unelive on lee row the stay it for
do rules lead a not fall
the story there pat fore
leven seek in niss me
to taten feed a mid on
starve and read a life on
the stew the end the laster

define wolrd
sea sand a reve on
there do you see me ?

oh star
you egnisten vari
and the people the toh
every with you
taking the mister the riff ove


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