don't let it for nastic well it
浮遊 don't let it fin back to enemy
black fellow road starve read
if you do canon ふりだしへ

brop edy can a web sturner me
zone play 乗り back to where mind
top ready hard red a leader
fuse on road you
fee to wrong men to die

if you wanna me
strafend real
twalf anyone
don't lead feel
to waffen real
way out soul

don't let it 不穏な step playで
few daw canon feed back what am i
go clevey where thus trouble ready
few don't know you
fate to for me to tide

if you wanna me
where i fenow real
twalffen stride
don't never feel
stdrad of feel don't care
were best tour

toward the D the fenno scene
turner rou bowar
arno we don't know road de soφ
どう乗れば mine 人の意
we どの role 出そう the right
we do now roll the soul


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