FUZZ -Thunder Groove Ver.-

As you sing softly to yourself
Well I held your hand on the platform 'cause I really felt you
Sing it just one more time my dear,
a canary with a guilty smile

We try to catch up with ourselves
Let's turn today and tomorrow into memories
It sounds like I've had it so bad
There is you missing in my right hand

Is it that seasons change
Or human emotions?

Tokyo, coin toss, dive
Before my heart knows what it means
out of which one that is
the answer comes out of the two

Tokyo, coin toss, dive
Before my heart knows what it means
We could have been the piece we both want

Crystal clear as your breathe meets the air
Connecting flowing water through the sky
And over time as the memories appear
My fluent body can't remember you

Is this the seasons changing
Or re-arranging?

Fall straight back into love,
You're not helpin this, so say goodbye
This planet moves upon the chance of contacts and separations

We meet just once again, it's undeniable to give to chance
My heartbeat becomes deformed

Tokyo, coin toss, dive
It was you who knocked down my heart
Come again to the space we made with our loneliness

Tokyo, coin toss, dive
Now my heart knows what it meant
We were both the piece we couldn't have

We fell in love
She took my heart


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