アーティストICE BOX
I see your tear falling down
And then another one
As if you read my mind
As if you see my heart and yours as one

Why do we fight against our foes
Who were our friends before
Why can't we open our fists
Not with a mask of tricks

So many lives and so many tears
Shed and gone in the name of god
Sometimes I feel there's no one who cares
Whether we fall or rise

I close my eyes and feel a pain
A very helpless pain
But I do hope there's a way
To make things change again

I slowly reach to your face
Your sad but pretty face
To Brush your tears away
To wipe your endless fears away forever

I hold you close in my arms
And yell without a sound
Why do we dream selfish dreams
Losing a chance to redeem

So many clouds above the sky
Hiding the stars from lighting our way
Sometimes I hope for someone up high
To blow the clouds away

You close your eyes with a smile
A very tender smile
And I know that is the sky
To bring the peace on earth


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