Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)

アーティストFreddie Jackson
作詞Paul Laurence
作曲Paul Laurence
Oh, girl! Come on and rock me
Oh, girl!
Oh...come on and rock me
Oh, girl!

Hey, girl, long time no see
Do you have a little time to spare with me?
I want to know what's been going on in your life
Talk to me, baby

Your hair...the perfume you wear
Brings back memories of you and me
You look so fine
You blow my mind and over again

So much has happened in my life since we parted
What about you?
Now I got myself together
And I know just what I want
And right now I know that
It's in you, you!

Rock me tonight for old times' sake
Roll with me tonight for old times' sake

Oh, girl, I'm gone
I love you
It's been good
Come on, let me do it now
I've got to know how I could
I really miss the way
You squeeze and moan
And call out my name
Oh,you'd call me "Baby"
I remember you'd love
To take your time to get in the mood

Oh, yes, you do, yeah!
But once you're in the mood
You like to go straight to the move!
Oh, yes, you do girl

It's been so long
Since we've had a night together!
I have missed you
When I get through loving you, girl
My love and desire will burn in you forever more
Ah, I need you now for old times' sake
Baby, yeah!
Roll with me tonight for old times'sake


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