The Sign Of Collapse

Praise me by your lie
with your life
Break me by your heart
cast a spell
Chase me in the dark
with eternal flame

Wasn't worldwide fame your wish?
And what I hope to see in your eyes
Lily is the sign of collapse
You'll filled with dismay, rise and fall down
What I sing is a song for caves
And what I dance is prayer for dead
Lily is the sign of collapse
You try to jive to live!

In this dark, I call your name
Pin a curse for tragic memories, dying
Curtain rises for my race
I can see your racial regret
Hold these torches for the fair

If you want to be the queen
Leave your life away
You could be darkness
Wicked witches in your heart
When you lose yourself
Raise your head, cry for mercy from the cave

Feel my hand, freeze over
Look alive and hold these torches for the fair

I'm just calling, whereve


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