He'eia ~Jawaiian Mix~ feat.Makana

アーティストDef Tech, Makana
作詞Traditional Hawaiian Music, Def Tech
作曲Traditional Hawaiian Music, Def Tech
Aia i He'eia la
I ka nalu e he'e ana
Aia i He'eia la
I ka nalu e he'e ana

Rapping in Tokyo
But coming from the rock known as paradise
Growing up with the kalo, eating poi and rice
Living the sunshine, thought it all was good
Till I grew into reality, saw and understood
One of the biggest travesties
In history was right in my face
The plight of real Hawaiians, such a disgrace
Dark mark for the U.S. in this day and age
A hundred years since dethronement
What has changed?
America apologized to no effect...

He'e ana i ka muku la
Ho'i ana i ka lala
He'e ana i ka muku la
Ho'i ana i ka lala

Only a surfer knows the feeling


A na'u i kikaha la
A'o ia 'aekai
A he kuhihewa ko 'u la
Aia i ka poli

From the Kings and Queens
Immigrants and the like
People have come to Hawai'i just to feel the vibe
The spirt of Aloha blows through the wind
A presence which can't be seen
Expressed in the end
From me to you and everyone in between
Ohana coming together to break up the scene
Doing what's right for Hawai'i
You know what I mean?

Ha'ina mai ka puana la
'O halala i ka nuku manu
Ha'ina mai ka puana la
Halala i ka nuku manu

If you love the islands, let me here you say
malama ka 'aina


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