Hey Hey Disbeliever

アーティストThe Living End
作詞Chris Cheney
作曲Chris Cheney
Hey hey disbeliever
You're bleeding me dry
C'mon now listen to reason
Everything will be fine

I can't understand why
Your so underhanded
You're just not yourself
Pretending to be something
You don't believe in
Is bad for your health
I don't know why you're trying to hide
Now don't be so afraid
Always regretting and never forgetting
Mistakes that you've made

If craving attention and
Needing redemption
Is all part of the game
Nothing will ever be different
And we will all be insane
To hell with your habit
I'm not gonna have it
I'm tossing away my concern
Always a liar playing with fire
You will get burned
And I wish it didn't have to be like this
Love doesn't lie
I'll testify and that is the truth
And I dare you to defy
And to show me the proof

Try not to panic, panic, panic, panic
Your such a long way from home!

Revenge can be sweet and
Romance can be sour
We haven't much time
To dissect and devour
Love doesn't lie down that's just the truth
I dare you to defy
And to show me the proof
I wish it didn't have to end like this
There are no answers
No second chances
Given beyond the grave


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