How Do We Know?

アーティストThe Living End
作詞Chris Cheney
作曲Chris Cheney
We've been waiting on the front line
We've been preparing our entire lives for
this Day to arrive
And no doubt this will be part of our history
Were making our move and we're breaking
Out of the grind

Today the new age will rise up, state our
case and throw it down
And after the rain the only ones that still
Remain are standing proud
Separated from the crowd

Turn on the light
I need to decide
Because we may not survive tonight
But I'll take my chance
Spare me the romance
We'll give it all that we can

New information coming down the line
But as far as I can tell
It's just the blind leading the blind
I see frustration written in the eyes
Of a disaffected race bein'
Born under a bad sign

Today will be the last day
Tomorrow everything will change


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