Negative Fashion

アーティストDaniel Powter
作詞Daniel Powter
作曲Daniel Powter
Teenage dream is on the scene,
The camera blows your mind
Drop the weight for goodness' sakes
To make the cover just on time
And leave your excess baggage on the carousel
You won't be staying long enough for anyone to tell

A little bit crazy but you get by
And no one seems to care what's on your mind

You don't know you're right or wrong
But you know you're halfway gone in a negative fashion...
So much more to be
In every star there is a sun and baby
You know you're the one in a negative fashion
So much more to see

You don't have to answer to anyone
All that's left of you is what you've become

Cos after all the bullshit that you've been through
You don't need all the lights to shine for you

You don't have to answer to anyone
All you need is what you had before
And all what's left is just behind that doo


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