アーティストWe Shot The Moon
作詞Jonathan Jones
作曲Jonathan Jones
Amy would you be there for me
If I told you all my secrets
Would you care or be scared
And Amy would you believe in me
All the complications that I bring
The complication of you and me

Break the spell cast on me
That I fell through
Smile for me
It's your smile that I run to
The hardest thing to admit
That I love you
Sweet Amy don't let fear take me from you
Well find a way

Amy please don't cry yourself to sleep
Remember when I kissed you
By the stairwell where we hid
Amy please just laugh for me
All the distance in between us
Don't let distance now defeat us

I can hardly wait, I can hardly wait
The futures right here
Making no mistake, making no mistake
I can't let go

Need you to break the spell
Please will you break the spell
Won't you break the spell
God will you break the spell


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