Should Have Been

アーティストWe Shot The Moon
作詞Jonathan Jones
作曲Jonathan Jones
I am lost in a crowd
I am all turned around
You were salt in the wound
That hasn't healed
You were near now you're far
Somehow we missed the mark
And the road back to you is no more

I think I'm just dead to you whoa
The signals not coming through now
So this is goodbye to you
Goodbye to you

What should have been
Could have been
A happy end
Is fading slowly
I might have been
The best of them
I didn't win
The saddest story I know

My enemy is the love you can't see
And the days turn to years
There is no cure

Going to get you now
I'll find a way to win you back

You refuse to beleive
In a life spent with me
Whose to blame
I know I've done this before


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