Wild International

アーティストOne Day As A Lion
作詞One Day As A Lion
作曲One Day As A Lion
they say that in war that truth be the first casualty so i
dig in selector i the resurrector
fly my shit sever your neck wider than ever with my
tongue dipped in funk arsenic
burn this illusion this lie with straight arson shit
your arsenal stripped
power ain't full jackets and clips
its my ability too define phenomenon
raw like crenshaw in '84 or the boogie down before
L.A. when the war break off where you be take off?
or stand in full face off
with the m-1 millimeter let the rhythm of the chamber hit em

let the rich play catch with em
bettar yet make em eat em and shit em till they
so fulla holes that they drown in their own
i'm like a nail stuck in the wrist of they christmas
i don't need radio to leave their family a witness

both mohammed and christ word life would lay your body down
to a tune so wild international
in the desert full of bullets let your body rot
with my chrome with my verse with my body rock

in this era where djs behave be paid to be slaves
we raid airwaves to be sane
and what's raining from they station
cash fascination like living dead fed agents
distract us fast from a disaster's wrath for sure
the air war flooded like the 9 ward
in the am on the am turn and face them
hatred and mayhem slay them
dangerous i take razor steps
its the swing from the bling to the bang of the left
its the murderous return of boom bap full strap
its your six that got clipped so you can't clap back
with minimal lift and criminal flow killing them soft
and billing them for everything stole
and once again i'm that nail in the wrist of they christmas

watch me make they family a witness


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