Super Eurobeat

アーティストFranz Tornado & The Tri-Star Girls
作詞Claudio Accatino, Roberto Festari, Federico Rimonti
作曲Claudio Accatino, Roberto Festari, Federico Rimonti
Let me be the king of the show
Into the groove, baby go
Dancing fire, take me higher

You can be the queen for tonight
Give me your body to fly
Be my fire, bad desire

Lady night, shake your time
Baby, make a splash into my heart, don't stop to try
Lady dance, shake your hands
Let me feel the power of your feet... get ready
Don't stop the fire

Super Eurobeat
Dance without control
Super Super Eurobeat!
Let me feel the heat
Music in my soul
Give me more tonight, my rhythm

Dancing to the beat of the show
Now you get ready to go
Shining power, mad desire

Burning like the fire on ice
Tonight I'm ready for you
Take me higher, be the fire


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