作詞Leonard Geufftey Feather, Benny Golson
作曲Leonard Geufftey Feather, Benny Golson
Sing low, sing dear sweet words in my ear
Not a whisper of despair, but love's own pray'r
Sing on until you bring back the thrill
Of a sentimental tune that died too soon

Our harmony was lost but you forgave
I forgot whisper not of quarrels past
You know we've had our last!
So now we'll be on key constantly
Love will whisper on eternally

Why did we listen when they said it wouldn't last?
Gossiping voices made us break up
But you know we still can make up
If we forget 'em all, and answer cupids call
It's the truth

Whispers of trouble are an echo of the past
All it'll take to lose my gloom is just a whisper not of rumors,
But of your love for me, that's how it's got to be!


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