Relay / 奴らに伝えろ!

アーティストThe Who
作詞Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend
作曲Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend
You can hear it in the street,
See it in the dragging feet,
The word is getting out about control,
Spies they'n come and gone,
The story travels on,
The only quiet place is inside your soul.

From tree to tree, from you to me,
Travelling twice as fast as on any freeway,
Ev'ry single dream, wrapped up in the scheme,
They all get carried on the relay.

Relay, things are brewing,
Relay, something's doing,
Relay, there's a revolution,
Relay, relay, hand me down a solution, yeah.
Pass it on, come on, a relay.


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