Roll The Dice

アーティストKen Yokoyama
作詞Ken, Minami
Tell me what in life is precious to you?
Is it just money and fame?
I'll tell you life has no easy ways
Gotta pay a price for your gain
I've been winning all my life
never had a doubt on my fate
Placed my bets, never in debt
I gambled to this day

So kiss Lady Luck and pray you
don't get any shit on your shoes
No quits in this game called "life"

Your turn to roll the dice
Let's see what number shows up
Your turn to roll the dice

Hey, I know you don't know which way to choose
I'll give you some secret advice
Just imagine there's a robot that will
give you all the answers in life
Go ahead and crack open the head and take a look inside
Hey surprise! Wonder why
A dice is all you'll find


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