Two Rights

アーティストThe Allman Brothers Band
作詞Dickey Betts, Johnny Cobb, Mike Lawler
作曲Dickey Betts, Johnny Cobb, Mike Lawler
You're coming back into me life
After all this time apart
After my heart has been broken in two
Now you wanna turn around and go back through
All the hurt, all the pain
I'm not sure if could ever be the same

'Cause two rights-can't make up for one wrong
I've spent-so many nights alone
One kiss-can't make it disappear
Even though you're here tonight
Baby two rights can't make up for hurting someone

I guess you think it's all a game
Someone gets hurt' someone gets blamed
You don't seem to realize
There s someone else
In my eyes

You're the one who wanted to play the field
Now you can't find a love that's real
It's your game, but it's no fun
When you end up the lonely one

Two rights-can't make up for one wrong...


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