Change Of Heart

アーティストEric Carmen
作詞Eric Carmen
作曲Eric Carmen
I can still recall when we said that
Our love was forever
All those plans we made for tomorrow
Looked so bright
And I understand all the reasons
You gave me for leavin'
But that doesn't help when
I'm sleepin' alone each night

So if you ever have a change of heart
Just remember it's not too late to start
If you still believe in what love can do

I could find someone more than willing
To be your replacement
But there's no one else who can move me
So for now, goodbye
But if ever you find you still want me
You just call my name
Cause I'll always be here for you

Nothing you could ever do
Would change the things, I know
Deep in my heart
So I got to make you understand before I go
Sooner or later, I don't know when
I'm gonna get you back in my arms again


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