Sierra (Chasin' My Dream)

アーティストThe Peppermint Rainbow
作詞Gary De Cario, Dan Green
作曲Gary De Cario, Dan Green
Sierra, I'm leaving you today
Down that dusty lonely road all the way
I'm leaving home chasing my dream
With my guitar and faded dungarees

Sierra, they'll be times I'll miss you a lot
When I'm alone, alone, I'll cry a lot
But I must be strong chasing my dream
When I come home you'll be proud of me

They'll be new towns to see
They'll be people to meet
All to be part of the new life I'll lead
But I promise to get the news once a day
Just so I'll know, Sierra, you're okay

But I will be strong and I'll catch my dream
Sierra, Sierra, wait and see
Sierra, wait for me
You're still a part of me
Sierra wait for me
You're still a part of me


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