And I'll Be There

アーティストThe Peppermint Rainbow
作詞Paul Leka, Denise Gross
作曲Paul Leka, Denise Gross
If you find you need somebody
When your sunshine gets too cloudy
All you have to do is turn around
And I'll be there

Like the wind you can't be tied down
So you spread your wings and fly on
Someday you may fall and you can call
And I'll be fhere
And I'll be there

When no one's around
All the world you found
There's no need to cry
I won't you let you die
Just keep holding on
I'll be there

Take the time you need to find me
Leave the old times far behind me
I will wait forever
'Cause for forever I'll be there
And I'll be there
And I'll be there


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