Stop This Train (Again Doing It) (BBC Top Gear Session) / 汽車を止めろ!

アーティストKevin Ayers
作詞Kevin Ayers
作曲Kevin Ayers
On a railway train to anywhere
Something happened finally
The driver said he saw no station
And we were riding aimlessly

The train was filled with sleeping passengers
Going nowhere for the ride
Spoken whispers filled the carriages
No one cared to look outside

Conversation aimed at anyone
Bouncing questions off the wall
Except for two excited children
Burning caterpillars in the hall

All at once I got quite frightened
Standing up I gave a shout
"I see a station just in front of me
Stop this train and let me out!"

The driver smiled and shook his head for me
"This train don't stop for anyone
And if you want to leave this railway line
You'll have to jump off on your own"

Someone came and gave me sandwiches
Saying that I looked unwell
He took my pulse and he gave it back to me
And then he hit me with his bell

He made a speech to all the passengers
He said, "I've seen a place today
And anyone who'd care to come with me
Step outside and walk this way"

Inside the seats were warm and comfortable
Outside the train was wild and strange
I said, "Yes, sir, I'd like to come with you
It's really time I made a change"

I left my seat and walked up front with him
And he began to push the door
I looked outside but it nearly blinded me
I'd never seen such light before


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