That's What You Get

アーティストKevin Ayers
作詞Kevin Ayers
作曲Kevin Ayers
Dead words scattered round the room like dust
Daggers and knives that have started to rust
One more battle fought in the name of love

Tears and blood splattered over the wall
Broken bits and pieces up and down the hall
Take 'em up to bed
And stick 'em all together again

That's what you get for following dreams
Never turn out how they should it seems
That what you get for losing yourself
That's what you get, babe
That's what you get, babe
That's what you get, babe

A bottle of wine, dinner for two
You know me better, I'm learning 'bout you
Two blue candles burn with the flame of love

One day soon will come a shake up time
But, baby tonight, loving you feels fine;
I hold yours, and you hold mine, it's warm again

That's what you get for loving this way;
Say it loud when there's something to say;
That's what you get for taking a chance
That's what you get, babe

You give your heart away
And most of your time
Sign away your freedom
On some dotted line
Stick to the rules,
You're guaranteed peace of mind, babe....

Believe it, or leave it,
You do as you please
There's no such thing as guarantees
Life doesn't hold any certainties except dying...


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