作詞Chie Sawaguchi, Eli
作曲Jun Suyama
I got a black flame burnin' on the inside
in the kitchen (feelin' so upset)
Look at myself I'm a nervous wreck
Thinkin' back to the times
Ridin' on my father's back
Need to get my life on track

I ain't a cat (and) I ain't got nine lives
It's just me myself and I, need to survive
And my whole life I've been walkin' this tight rope
across this bottomless pit and now it's time to dive

冗談なんて 必要ないだろう?
最上級の 愛をみせよう Oh

So, then I'm dying 2B real but you're beside me
Oh, Chanceはもう二度と来ないさ
身体を焦がす 衝動がいい
キワドい愛に 溺れてたい
この夜を 逃しはしない
未来を掴む 本能だけで
キワドいラインを 飛び越えよう

Inside bet"HIT"危ういSmile
あざといStyle 悩ましいバランスのJive
運命のRouletteで 今

饒舌なほど バレているのさ
最上階の 夢をみせよう Oh

Oh, then I'm dying 2B real but you're beside me
Oh, 快楽だけじゃ 満たされない
身体を焦がす 衝動がいい
キワドい夢に 乱れてたい
女神よ オレだけ愛して
まだ見ぬ世界の その先にある
キワドい未来を 奪いたい

And now it's time for me to hit the Jackpot
Get yo hands out of (my back pocket)
Become a rap bot (I'm)
Dying to be real
That's my whole lifes deal
While you (other haters) dyin' from my sex appeal

Going 100 miles with my tank half full
With my honey to my right got a lot to pull
My tanks still full ain't goin' empty
You can't break me like they did Humpty Dumpty


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