Transit Ride

作詞Keith Elam
作曲Keith Elam
Right now gonna take you for a ride
Hold on tight so you don't slip or slide
This train is packed so you don't get no seat
Yup, you gotta stand on your tired feet
Where we're goin' don't worry
You'll be there in a hurry
But you better watch your pockets cuz the thieves
Work quickly
This is a New York Transit thing
Don't wear too much gold
And hide your diamond rings
And yo don't smile at anyone
Cuz people here like to travel with handguns
You say you like this trip but are you sure
Well then you better step lively and watch
Watch the closing doors

Here we go as we ride through the underground
Coming from uptown
Taking you downtown
Headed for Brooklyn
Brooklyn the planet
Somebody stinks in here
I hope you can stand it
Homeless people everywhere
Holding cups for change
And if you don't have none
Then they look at you strange
But this is all part of the scene
And yo check those kids
Cuz they're starting to scheme
See 'em looking at you up and down
Oh yeah they can tell if you're
Somebody from out of cown
Think they won't harm you
But they might and that ain't right
But everyday is like a fight

I can't quit I gotta
Do what I must
Cuz I can take you on a ride with
The lyrics are a bust
Cuz I'm a master
Try to die and I'll blast ya
And any mack MC that steps up is getting plastered
Straight against the wall
Cuz I don't stall I'll
Give 'em drama and trauma till they all fall
And for those who don't
Know about the city life
It's where we take no pity
And the kiddies live trife
Taking the pain is just part of it
Next stop is Brooklyn
You're coming to the heart of it
You never know what will occur
So just keep to yourself
And watch the closing doors

Yeah, B * R * Double O * K * L * Y * N
New York City
Taking you on a transit ride with my best friend
And I'm out


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