Horny Lil' Devil / 飢えた小悪魔

アーティストIce Cube
作詞Ice Cube
作曲Ice Cube
You are the prince of darkness arch enemy, father
of evil, hell born, demonic, savage, fierce, vicious,
wild, tameless, barbaric, ungovernable, uncontrollable,
abstemious beast!

Horny lil' devil, you gotta back up
Horny lil' devil, you can't bust a nutt
Look'n at my girlfriend's black skin
You wanna jump in but but she don't like white men
So don't throw that look you fuck'n jerk
Or get your punk devil ass hurt mutha fucka
She ain't with the pale face
Cuz you fuck at a snail's pace
And you might get sprayed by Mace from the eboney
So when she's doin' her job you better let her be
Don't try to pinch the glutinous
Think'n that joy about the knock out the uterus
Cuz she'll tell you to kiss her ass quick
And where I'm from, devils get their ass kicked
Mr. sexual harrasment
Ask'n for a blow when the answer is fuck no
Looks like you want to terminate
But that's when I go psycho like Norman Bates
I wanna kill the devil for talk'n shit
Cuz he can't get a taste of the chocolate
I can congress
Cuz white bitches have no butt, or big breasts
Black womn have body like goddesses
Sort of like venus but put away your penis
Cuz the devil is a savage mutha fucka
That's why they lighter than an average brother
Cuz you wrecked the woman and we felt it
But it'll never happen again if I can help it
Me neither, cuz nobody in my neighborhood
has caught jungle fever yet
So horny lil' devil, you better listen
Before your ass come up miss'n and it's like that

Now you wanna get me
Horny lil' devil must be a F-A-G
Try'n fuck me I'm a lay'n in my manhood
Have me broke eat'n' span and canned goods
Lock'n down on my neighborhoods
Treat me less than a man cuz right now
you got the upper hand
But my ass is a virgin
You might have fucked the Indians,
but you can't surgeon me
And when I'm on top I won't be fuck'n ya
I'd rather put a buck in ya
Cuz I hate the devil with a passion
And when I see the whites of his eyes
I start blast'n
Dig a hole and throw his ass in
I won't be happy til I'm down to my last ten
Get his fuck'n pitch fork
Tie him up, and then feed the bitch pork
Lil' devil can't fuck me I'm a pay
Cuz horny lil' devil true Niggas ain't gay
And you can't play with my Yo-yo
And definitely can't play with me you fuck'n homo
Cuz we'll blow your head off
And turn that white sheet into red cloth
Plus when they're all dead
I could cut that jerry juice and get a bald head
Then let it nap up
Go down to the corner store and beat the Jap up
Clean all the crap up
Out my city, now the whole look shitty
Put his dick on the wood block
Swing swing swing, and chop chop chop
Now who's the next in nutt
Color me badd, but you can't sex me up
But don't even try it
Put your dick on a diet
Cuz this is why I tried in 1991
and I'm a get my gun
Put a end to the double
So get a fuck'n shovel

20 "D" energizers
20 "C" energizers?
"D" I said "D"
"C" engergizers?
"D" mutha fucka, "D"!!
Learn to speak English first alright? "D"!!
How many you say?
20 mutha fucka, 20!!
What the fuck you!!


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