アーティストKaren Mok
作詞Chen Gexin, Fan Yangiao
作曲Chen Gexin, Fan Yangiao
shanghai nights, shanghai nights,
you're a city that never sleeps;
as the bright lights come on, you hear the traffic,
the music and dancing never stops.
you only see the smiling face she greets you with,
but who knows the ennui within her heart?
this night lift is all for the sake
of the daily necessities of existence.

you don't need wine to get yourself drunk.,
fooling around in your mis-spent youth;
your eyes are bleary as the day breaks,
and everyone leaves, hearts spinning like wheels.
make a change, it's a whole new world
with a new environment all its own;
as you think back upon the night life,
it's like waking up from a dream.


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