アーティストKaren Mok
作詞Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields
作曲Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields
a fine romance, with no kisses
a fine romance, my friend this is
we should be like a couple of hot tomatoes
bur you're as cold as yesterday's mashed potatoes
a fine romance, you won't nestle
a fine romance, you won't wrestle
i might as well plav bridge
with my oM maid aunt
i haven't got a chance
this is fine romance

a fine romance, my good fellow
you take romance, I'll take hello
you're calmer than the seals
in the aictfc ocean
at least they flap their fins
to express emotion
a fine romance with no quarrels
with no insults and all morals
i've never mussed the crease
in your blue serge pants
i never get the chance
this is a fine romance


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