The Pill

アーティストThe Love Generation
作詞John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Tommy Oliver, Mitch Gordon
作曲John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Tommy Oliver, Mitch Gordon
Notice -

All read this print
In lieu of all warrantees
Expressed or implied
Seller's and manufacturer's
Only obligation
Shall be to replace
Such quantity of the product
Proved to be defective
To be defective

Neither seller nor manufacturer
Shall be liable for any injury
Loss or damage
Direct or consequential
Arising out of the use of
Or the inability to
Use the product
To use the product

Before using user shall determine
The suitability of the product
For her intended use
And the user assumes all risk
And liability whatsoever
In connection therewith
The fore accord may not be changed except
By a premium served by the offices
Of the seller, manufacturer
Or by the docto


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