Pilgrims Of Sorrow

アーティストCissy Drinkard & The Sweet Inspirations
I'm just a poor pilgrims of sorrow
You know I'm left in this old poor home
I have no hope for tomorrow
And I'm tryin' to make heaven my, my home

My mother, she's goin' on to glory
My father, he's goin' on, too
Now my sister and my brother don't deserve me
Now I think of that I've been born
I've been born again

You know sometimes my way
Gets too really rough
Oh, now I just, I don't know which way to turn
But I heard, I said my man talk about my city
Father, you used to talk about that city
Where the sins and the pains are gone
Where it wouldn't be no more everywhere
And the city is called heaven
I think God, I know that I'll make it
Lord, I'll make it my home


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