The 23rd Psalm

アーティストCissy Drinkard & The Sweet Inspirations
The Lord is my shepherd (Oh, yeah)
I shall not want
He'll make your feet to lie down
In green pastures
Oh-oh, He leads us, oh, yes, He does
Beside the still waters, oh-oh, yeah
He restores my soul, oh, yeah
He restores my soul, He restores my soul
He restores my soul, oh, yeah
He restores my soul, thank you, Jesus
Oh, well, oh, yes, I do
Well, thank you
He'll lead us, He's leading me
In the path of righteousness
Oh, His, just for His name
Oh, so His name's sake
Though me, yeah, yeah
Though I walk, though I walk
Walk up through
The valley of the shadow of death
I shall not fear, I thank God for that
Though art with me
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me
I wanna thank you, thank you, Jesus
Just for comforting me, yeah, yeah
Thank you for comforting me
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, Jesus

Keeping prepares a table before me
In the presence of my enemies
Oh, my God
Anoint my head, oh, yes, He does with oil
And sometimes my cup's just overflowing
Thank you, Jesus
Yes, surely, surely goodness
(Goodness) and nothing shall follow me
Oh, oh, yes, it will
'Cause we got it right here
Oh, one day I shall find, oh, yes, we will
In the house of the Lord, oh, yeah
Forever and ever, forever and ever
Forever and ever
We shall find in the house of the Lord
Would be in the morning
Forever and ever
Would be in the night
We shall find
Oh, Lord
Forever and ever, forever and ever
I just wanna tell the Lord, oh


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