Lady Eleanor

アーティストAmerican Gypsy
作詞Alan Hull
作曲Alan Hull
Bashec playin' magicians sittin' loLus on the floor
Belly dancing beauty with a power driven saw
Had my share of nightmares didn't things could be
much more
Then in walked Rod rick Usher with the Lady Eleanor

She tied my eyes with ribbons of a silken ghosty thread
Gazed with troubled vision on a old four poster bed
What Eleanor had risen lo kiss the neck below my head
And they come along with her to the land of
the dancing dead

But it's all it's alright. Lady Eleanor yeah
Said it's oh alright. Lady Eleanor,Lady Eleanor
I'm alright where I am yeah
Where I am
She said I'm gonna be I'm gonna be alright
Where I am

She gazed with her love and beauty like a mother to
its son
Like livin'. dyin', seein', bein', all roll into one
Then all at once I heard some music playing in my bone;
The same old song I'd heard for years reminding me
of home

Then creeping on towards me, licking lips with tongues
of fire
A host of golden demons screaming lust and base desire
And when it seemed for certain that the screams could

get no higher
I heard a voice among the rest screaming:
You're a liar, you're a liar you're a damn liar!

I said it's alright. Lady Eleanor
Yeah it's alright, it's alright Lady Eleanor yeah
I'm alright where 1 am
Said alright
Gonna be alright
Just, just where I am
Yeah yeah yeah

(Spoken) I'm gonna be alright baby, you know

I let it alright - it's gonna be alright
Lady Eleanor Lady Eleanor
I said it's gonna be alright
Lady Eleanor Lady Eleanor
Yeah it's gonna be alright
Lady Eleanor Lady Eleanor yeah
I said it
Yes it's alright Lady Eleanor....fade out


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