Our Love Song

アーティストThe Joneses
作詞Glenn Dorsey
作曲Glenn Dorsey
Mm, mm, mm, look at you
Standing there
Looking good and smelling sweet
All fine and all mine

Girl, you don't know
Just how good it makes me feel
To know baby, that you belong to only me
For since we've been together, baby
You have become my complete compatibility
You are the motivating force for all I do
And all I pursue, god
I'm so in love with you
Please accept this song
As a token of my appreciation
For all the fine, fine moments that you have
given me
Yes baby, for this is true, our love song

Say yeah
I would never do, do you wrong
Won't you please come and hear my love song
The song that I sing to you
Say yeah
Gee, I never knew that you care
'Till the magic day that we strolled through
the park
And you stole my heart away
Stole it away

I live in this world content and resigned
'Till you came, came along with the sign
You showed me your love that reached back
into time
You returned once again to be mine, all mine
And now we have found a peace that's so strong
And I know you so love that kiss our love song
The song that I sing to you

Song that I sing to you
Song that I sing to you
Song that I sing to you

And this, this is our love song
Say baby, come, come over here baby
Come over here and get close to me
Just close your eyes
And let's just, let's just listen to the music, baby
Let's just float away
And let's just dig in
Play it, pretty girl
Play it for me
This is our song
I'm singing this song for you, baby, baby
Woo, yeah baby listen now girl...


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