Think (About It)

アーティストLyn Collins
作詞James Brown
作曲James Brown
Hey fellas, I'm talkin' to you, you, you too. You guys
know who I'm talkin' to, those of you who go out and
stay out all night and half the next day, expect us to
be home when you get there. Let me tell you
something, the sisters are not goin' for that no more,
'cause we realize two things that you aren't doing
anything for us that we think we better do for
ourselves. So from now on we gonna use what we got
to get what we want. So, you'd better

'Til the time when we had respect
That's the thing I never will forget
Now baby, I got a life to live and a whole lotta lovin', that
I wanna give
But before I give it up, I gotta

What the future holds for me
It's too far ahead to see
I don't need no heartache, I can't stand no misery
Let me


It takes two to make a things alright
It takes two to make it outta sight

Don't say ifs easy, no it can be tough
Just plain Irvin', sometimes ifs hard enough

If it's not in your vision
Don't make no decision

Hey yeah, alright

So I'm layin' my cards on the table
With the time to take good care of me, I know I'm able
You may not hold it true
But I want you like-a and a-you want you
Said I won't do nothin' that you won't do
So think, about the good things
C'mon and think about the right things
You gotta think about me too
C'mon and think, I'm think about you
C'mon and think, about the good things
C'mon and think, about the right things
C'mon and think, about me too


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