The Foolkiller

アーティストBen Sidran
作詞Mose Allison
作曲Mose Allison
I was walking down the backstreet
Just the other night
I got a funny feeling
That things weren't right
I heard footsteps moving right behind
A knocking was jostling my mind, look out

The foolkiller's coming
I do believe it's true
I said, foolkiller's coming
Look, he's got his eyes on me

I've been living in this concrete and hill
I've been scraping and scrapping for the hot
dollar bill
Eight million people living on the brink
You know, you got the time to think
That's the truth
Stop and think

I said the foolkiller's coming
Closer everyday
I said the foolkiller's coming
He's got you, man, you can't get away


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