The House of Blue Lites

アーティストBen Sidran
作詞Freddie Slark, Don Rae
作曲Freddie Slark, Don Rae
You cats are talking about New York and L.A.
And all them cities
And you're trying to convince me that
They're the only places
The good shits are going on down
Well, I found a new way
You didn't teach me
I learned it myself
It's called laying back, having a good time
Right here in my own home town
That's right
You see, the thing to remember is
The jive motherfuckers all come from the city
They'll try to convince you
Everything west of Amsterdam Avenue is all
Or maybe they'll get to the Westcoast
Before all the money runs out
And wail with the women
And will try to convince them
They're the baddest cut alive
You see, they don't know how good it can feel
To put their hands in their pockets
And just take it easy

Well lace up your boots and walk on down
They got an uptown shack on the edge of town
They got an eight-piece combo that just won't
Ah, keep walking till you see a blue light lit
Go in there, yes, yes, yes
Feast your sights on the House of Blue Lights

They got fryers, broilers, Detroit Barbecue rids
But the treat of the trade
They're going to give it in fine eight-beats
You're going to spend the rest of your brights
Your brights, your brights, your brights
In the house, in the House Of Blue Lights


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