The Blues In England

アーティストBen Sidran
作詞Ben Sidran
作曲Ben Sidran
Yes I went to bed this mornin'
And the sun was shinin' bright
Oh, without a word of warnin'
I couldn't sleep at all last night
Well, I was born in the country
You know the city just won't treat me right
Um, this runnin' road, it's out of sight
Yes it is!

Do you know if you wanna get happy
You'd better take some advice
Oh if you can't do somethin' naughty
You'd better do somethin' awful nice
And if you don't wanna lose it
Be prepared to pay the price
Yeh well, this runnin' road, it's cold as ice
Here I come

Hey you've got to go right on livin'
Don't mind growin' old no no no
Yeh, take some of what you been givin'
And make your own blood run cold
Hey, he said the times were changin'
You know that times been bought and sold
Yes, this runnin' road, hey, this foolish goal
Oh come on Pete, get it, yeh
I feel so good
Yes I do, go ahead

Yes, when I was just a young man
An old man said to me
He said son if you do right
You can be what you wanna be
Oh yeh, well I'm goin' on for one hundred
And you know I still am not free no no
Hey this runnin' road you know it's killin' me
Yes it is
Go on, go on, go on,
go on baby tell me what you gonna do
Yeh baby what am I ever gonna do with you


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